What Are the B*Sides?

From 2010 to 2014 Urustar has made games, experimented, built prototypes.

Now, you can play them all.

The B*Sides is an all-digital pack of goodies available for a limited time. Buy it (pay what you want) and discover a bundle of whimsical experiments.

To download B*Sides press the button below. You will be directed to our Gumroad page and you can complete the purchase from there. Thanks and have fun!

Buy the B*Sides!

DISCLAIMER: Please be warned the games presented in this collection are prototypes. They can be quite rough on the edges, but we promise they're fully enjoyable.
If you are a journalist, blogger or youtuber, check the press kit. You can also ask for a review copy here.

What Will I Find Inside?

A lot of stuff. Games, mostly. Some of them are games we did for game jams. Some are just strange little prototypes. Some other are finished games we have never released. Check the B*Sides catalogue! There are some print and play board games too! Plus, soundtracks, ebooks and fan material. It's really the best way to show us your love. Still confused? Here's a little trailer of the games you'll find in the collection.


Games are the central part of the pack. In The B*Sides you'll find a series of games we made for game jams, contest, or sometimes just for fun. You can even find some unreleased games, which we hope you'll like. Basically here you can find our four-year long story, told through the games we've made.


Maybe they are a little too short to be called books, but in the bundle you still can find an e-book version of our guide So, You Wanna Be a Game Designer? as well as a revamped edition of our Tiny Game Design Tool. Then you will find the B*Sides Catalog, telling you something about each game in the pack.


Also, art. In a special Extras folder we'll include soundtracks, sketches, wallpapers, random art and everything we can find in the most remote recesses of our hard disks. This area is so experimental we don't really know what we are going to put inside it.